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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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well said Sara! I think his rule of no children under 6 is just ridicious! and I hope everyone "supports" this by not going there to eat and his business goes under.
and if people have that much of a problem of eating in an establishment with young childern - they can stay their asses at home.

I think just as everyone else - those with young childern should be able to eat where-ever the hell we want, when we want. and I agree - how are we supposed to teach our children how to behave properly when dinning out when owners and other guest decide that they want to ban small children.

this is just the most insane thing ever!


being a server for too long, i understand not wanting to wait on small children. and i completely agree that the child's parents are to blame.

but can i even fathom making a rule like that? no way. like you said, who does he think he is?

i'd be interested to see how business is a few months down the line.


We recently dined at a place where no children under 7 were welcome (and jacket & tie required for the gentlemen)...obviously, we passed our 6 1/2 year-old as wasn't disastrous, but it wasn't delightful either. Although I've always been proud of my son's manners and he has eaten at his share of fine dining establishments, the experience was a bit stressful for me. We definitely got the hairy eye ball from other child-less patrons, out for a night without their own kids perhaps. There are places I would not conceive of bringing our son out of respect to other diners, even though he is not an imposition (uber-swanky/romantic places, clearly a destination for special occasion-date nights). I would, however, share those places with him on a mom-son lunch's a great way to introduce him to the adventure that is fine dining.
Of note: We dined at cafe boloud in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and they treated Max like a rock star. We definitely felt welcome there and he behaved beautifully.

I am so against my son bringing any "devices" to dinner (at home or out), meaning electronic toys (Nintendo DS, leapster). It makes me sad when the adults are engaged in lively conversation while they pawn their kid off on toys at the table. I am all for crayons and placemats, though...that shizz is fun :)

Emily @ the Last Word

I'm from Monroeville and I just thought I would let you know that I have never even heard of this place until the news article. No one even eats at this guy's super important restaurant, probably just a few grumpy regulars. I am guessing that it probably is NOT a case of a few badly behaved children and parents . . . this guy probably just has issues. I would think that you would have to have some kind of deep-seated problems to make such a drastic rule.


I think this rule is bad-business, ridiculous, and completely counter-productive to raising well-behaved and food-appreciative children.

Let him keep frying his giant chicken-fingers and feeding all the grumpy old people. I'm sure his business with thrive... :/


Well said!

We all were children at some point in time. This guy just clearly displays a lack of thougthfulness, respect and understanding.

Would I want to dine next to a couple with a loud child or children? Of course not. This is not the reason I chose to eat out. But will this be prevented by not admitting children under the age of 6? Clearly not! The parents whose children have not learned proper manners in a restaurant will have ill-behaved oder children as well.

I sure hope this business will not exist for much longer. If children are no longer allowed to take part in a society I have to ask what is next!


I don't have anything well thought out to say(plus you said it all so well)because I have a sick little girl on my hands and my brain isn't functioning but I do have this to say. I think the ban is insane and would like to say to Mike Vuick bleepity bleep bleep bleeeeep arsehole.


Yes, you went to very nice restaurants as soon as you graduated from needing a booster. You learned to order correctly, ask for what you wanted and be nice to the employees. You learned to enjoy food and to converse, not just talk, to all at the table (parents, grandparents, etc.) It is a gift you are giving Sylvie.


My Hinkle grandparents also did some nice restaurants with us as small children..and as I got older I really appreciated it when I realized that I knew how to conduct myself at a fancy restaurant comfortably and there were a lot of people I knew who didn't.
Well put argument with excellent points. I personally don't take my toddler out to a nice establishment because I know my child and he is very energetic and frankly I want to enjoy my meal rather than corral him the entire time...but I certainly don't begrudge people whose children are there and acting well behaved. They don't bother my meal.
I think what happened is this owner found out that most parents whose children make a habit of acting up in public are the type of parents who have little consideration of others anyways so when he tried to address the individual occasions that it happened he was probably yelled at and threatened with lawsuits (teachers know what type of parents I'm talking about). He just decided to not allow it at all, which is a shame.


Interestingly enough, my 9-yr-old has behavior problems. The 14-mo-old does fine.The 9-yr-old w/ behavior problems could have a meltdown. We have manners and go to fmily-friendly establishments. Hell, I even pick up the baby's dropped food from the floor so as our poor server doesn't have to. If my children get loud, my husband or I take them outside as one of us stays behind to have our leftovers boxed to go and settles the tab/tip. We have this routine down for the 9-yr-old, because we know he has behavior issues and can have meltdowns.

But I guess we wouldn't need the same manners at this place, huh? I mean, he's over 6, right? This owner is ridiculous and I hope someone sues for discrimination.


This is cute, and made me laugh (: thanks!

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sara without an h
sara without an h