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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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So thankful to hear that Sylvie is getting better already! Have fun crossing off your list tomorrow! I love to cross off! :)


Oh no, poor baby! I had that when I was little too, I was older than Sylvie so I remember it pretty good. NOT FUN. My to-do list is scary lonnnng too, it haunts me in my sleep no joke. Good luck tomorrow and yay that your friend and family are coming for the big party!


i'm with allie. i had that when i was a little bit older than sylvie, and boy was it not fun!

i hope she's feeling better!


Poor little lady, hope she's better!


awww, poor sylvie & poor you guys!! glad to hear she's feeling better. good luck with that to-do list :)

sara without an h

Thanks, everyone! She seems to be feeling much better. Her rash is finally starting to disappear! Today was the first day that it wasn't worse when she woke up.


I'm so glad she's doing better. Poor little girl. Hugs to you mama. xx

Emily O.

I am so so so glad that she healed quickly!


Aww bless her, hope she gets better soon!
Big Hugs x x x x

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sara without an h
sara without an h