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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Emily O.

AWESOME! It sounds like fun!
Has it really been a year?! Yikes- time flies.

Happy early b-day to Sylvia! Did you get my email?


AHHH!! What a cute theme;) Madison's birthday was this weekend (so much work, but SO worth it) good luck!! Let me know if I can help in any way!


wow! what a fun theme for a birthday. and i cannot believe sylvia will already be one!


I love the theme and the invitation. I can't believe she's going to turn one already. Time flies.

sara without an h

Emily-Thanks and yes I did get your email. I'm so sorry for not writing you back yet. I'm a booger.

Nitzalie-Thanks! I saw the pictures of the party. Everything looked beautiful. I especially loved her smash cake!

Deanna-I can't believe it either! Thanks. I'm hoping it all turns out.

Michelle-Thank you so much. Time is flying on by, but I don't mind. This is the most fun age yet!


wow...I soooo want to be there!! I was just telling a coworker about "my friend, Sara, who lives in Texas. She has an almost-one-year-old daughter." You have an almost-one-year-old!!!


Do I get one of those invitations? I'm so excited I want to go buy panda stuff!!!!


Iv been following your blog since you were pregnant and my daughter was actually born the day after Sylvie on 8-9-10..I remember sitting on the birthing ball during my contractions in the hospital happily reading that Sylvie was born and all was well...This day is approaching soo soon and my heart isn't ready to trade my baby in for a toddler..It's already going by way too fast..Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful day we'll be thinking of lil Sylvie on her birthday.
Love Julia and miss Koko

sara without an h

Kim-I sooo want you to be there!

Cara-Of course you get one!!! Email/text me with your new address please and thanks!

Julia and Koko-Aw! This is why I love blogging. I love imagining you in labor, eagerly awaiting your own little one, while reading about mine. These are special moments! Thank you for your sweet comment and happy almost birthday to your little one!

It goes so fast. I still can't believe mine had his and it was back in May!


Such a perfect theme! I'm assuming you made that invite too? LOVE it!

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sara without an h
sara without an h