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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Music has always been one of the things that helps define our lives. The one thing you and I have in common, other than being tone deaf, is that our tastes continue to evolve. I listen more to current music than songs from 20 or 30 years ago, except for my recent obsession with Bat Out Of Hell II.

sara without an h

Dad-I wouldn't say it's the ONE thing we have in common. We also share a sick sense of humor, among other things. Your obsession with BOOH is understandable. It's an EPIC album.


Love the song you walked down the aisle to! How fun!

sara without an h

Thanks, Alisha. I still tear up every time I hear that song.


You have Andrew Bird...woo hoo! I have loved his music for years but if I mention his music to anyone, they're like who? I first saw him live when he was opening for Ani DiFranco back in 2005 and was completely blown away.

I've lost track of how many times I've put him on my blog and it's nice to know that someone else knows who this brilliant musician is.

sara without an h

I LOVE Andrew Bird. So much. I've never seen him live, but have always waned to!


Oh gosh, I just love this post. There are so many songs that bring me back to an exact time/moment in my life. It's wonderful.
Thanks for your comment on my blog- I was going to try a little evoo today, but then our bedtime routine got all messed up and he fell asleep before I could even give him his bath. I'll try it tomorrow morning!

sara without an h

Aw thanks, Jess! You're welcome for the comment. Cradle cap, though harmless, is so gross. The EVOO worked wonders for us. I hope it works for E, too!

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sara without an h
sara without an h