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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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It took Patrick forever to say dada..I read that most babies say it first because it's easier..but apparently not! I think Pat was starting to get a complex about the baby never saying fact he still doesn't really say dada...he says papa

Michelle J

Awww so cute! I can't wait for my Gig to say mama now!!!


that is awesome! love it. My daughter was 13 months old before she said mama.

sara without an h

Coty-I have always heard that "dada" comes first, too. Our babies broke the mold!

Michelle-It is the greatest feeling ever!



adorable! i wonder if owsley will say 'mama' or 'dada' first. gage said 'dada,' which kinda sucked since i was the one who was home with him. :)

sara without an h

Deanna-I don't know, but I'll root for "mama". By the way, I grabbed your button for my Blog <3 page.

sara without an h

I meant to say I grabbed your NEW button for my Blog <3 page.


oh that is soo exciting. yay!


Yay Sylvie! That's awesome. Doesn't it just make your heart melt?

sara without an h

Em- I second that yay!

Randalin-it totally makes my heart melt. <3


Soooooo cute and sweet!!! I need to have a girl now, thanks a lot!! ;)


oh that is just too sweet! she is getting cuter with every picture and video you post. isn't hearing "mama" just about the best two-syllable sound you have EVER heard?


So very sweet!! She is such a cutie!

Emily O.

Wow! She is so smart! I love the video- you can tell that she knows that she's saying.

sara without an h

Mommy-Haha! Girls are fun!

Hilary-It is the best!

Barbra-Thank you!

Emily-I think she knows. She's definitely looked me in the eye before when she's said it.

Hillary Brooke

Awwwwww, swoon. Love the food covered face to boot! xo

sara without an h

Thank you! My favorite time to take pictures/video is immediately after dinner. I love the food face!

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sara without an h
sara without an h