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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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good luck with your surgrey, will be thinking about about you on wednesday.

can you believe I don't have a twitter account...guess I'll have to wait until you post to see how it went :(

sara without an h

Thanks, Dana! I really appreciate the good thoughts. By the by, my tweeds are public so you can view them without having an account!


Love the pics. We had beautiful weather here as well. (No shock, since we are near-ish in the Cincinnati area.) Let's hope the weather is here to stay. Happy Spring!


OH my! I'm so jealous! We are pulling out our snow pants again!


good luck on your surgery..and I hope you have a speedy recovery. I'm very jealous of the weather you are having..not so warm in North Jersey;) I will be following you on if you see: Peanutandme24 is now following you..that's me;)

P.S. That first pic of Sylvie is adorable <3


best wishes for a speedy recovery...

sara without an h

Andrea-So glad your weather was beautiful, too. I can't wait for days like that to become to norm in the Midwest!

Em-I'm so sorry about the snow! I'll try not to gloat. :X

Nitzalie-Thanks for the well wishes and the twitter follow! I hope your weather gets warm soon!

Kimbo-Thanks, Lady! Miss you!


I'll be thinking about you and I'm sure everything will be fine. Who knows, maybe you'll get another story when they wake you up after surgery. ;)

I LOVE the second to the last picture of Sylvie. There's nothing better than an adorable baby head...and their little feet, and fingers.....

sara without an h

Haha. Thanks, Elle. If I do end up with another good post-surgery story I'll be sure to share it here! ;)

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sara without an h
sara without an h