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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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gage slept in his swing until he was 17 months old. he was at the point where he could climb into it and buckle himself. and then for the first couple of weeks after we moved him to the crib, he would sleep sitting up.

sara without an h

Deanna-That is too funny!


This is too funny. My daughter was the same way as Deanna's son when it came to her swing. We ran through batteries like crazy and if the swing ran out of juice in the middle of the night or during her nap, we would hear all about.

I couldn't take it anymore and stopped my daughter's swing and pacifier habit when she was 7 months old b/c as soon as the pacifier would fall out of her mouth, she would wake up screaming. Being the crazy person that I am, I decided to do it while my hubby was away on a business trip since he would be the one to break and give her what she wanted.

I about lost my mind from lack of sleep but by the time my hubby came home she was done with her pacifier.The swing took a little more time because my husband would give in. ;)


It's so funny how we think they need things more than they do sometimes! Evangeline loved to be swaddled and loved her paci. But when I took them away, because they were causing too many problems, she was fine!

So very glad for you that she slept fine without it! But, I have to say...I'm very sentimental too. I'd probably wanna keep it too.


Haha, this is awesome. You're so lucky you have a good sleeper. I think Kale needs to borrow the bear suit.

sara without an h

Randalin-I never said Sylvie was a great sleeper! She used to be, but lately has been up several times at night. I blame her teeth. Though, she did give us a good stretch of sleep last night. Maybe she's growing out of it. ::fingers crossed::

Elle-I think we're going to work on the paci next. I would love to be done with it. She loves to suck on her fingers, and I wish she would just do that at night.

Emily C.

yay Sylvie! i'm too afraid to try to let DR sleep without the swaddle. someday...maybe...

sara without an h

Emily-We swaddled her until she was almost four months. One day we just stopped and never looked back! The bear suit limited movement somewhat. Now that she's old enough for a blanket, I find that helps.

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sara without an h
sara without an h