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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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I think you've done a very couragous thing by sharing this. This type of honesty is always difficult, but as a new mom I think it is 1000 x harder. You've done a great thing by reaching out for help and you have an amazing support network with Travis and your parents and you've also got all us mama bloggers too!


I think you're very brave for writing about this - it is very honest and i think other moms need to know that they are not alone! just want you to know that I'll be thinking about you!

Auntie Melissa

Sweet Saucer - you are such a good person. I have so much respect for your decision to empower yourself. Your brother and I are so proud of you and what a wonderful mother, wife, sister and Auntie you are! I can't wait to get you down here and give you a good hug!


Thank you for putting this out for all to see.

I have felt the exact same way you are describing- the screaming, the slapping, etc.... I've never seen anyone own up to it before.
It is so so so helpful to know you're not alone.

The Internet 3 s you.


i'm sure this was a difficult entry to write, and you show so much courage in sharing this with the world. i hope it reaches someone who is in a similar situation and lets them know that they are not alone in feeling this way.


Hi there - I've been following your blog for a while as we were due a few days apart and I love reading your honest posts and seeing your little girl get bigger at the same time as my little boy! I think it's amazing you feel brave enough to write a post about this and I'm sure it will help lots of mums to know they're not alone.

I just wanted to suggest something - when I try to put my bub down to sleep in his cot he cries too, or wakes up if I rock him to sleep first. So we co-sleep, and in the day I either wear him or feed him to sleep in our bed then leave him there. It works, and he has never screamed in the night - only wakes for 10-15 mins to feed then falls asleep again, because he's right there next to me. I know co-sleeping isn't for everyone, and yes I do want him to sleep in a cot eventually, but I think you should do what makes you and the bub happy first and foremost. This is just a suggestion, as it works for us and everyone is happy, no sleep deprivation or screaming fits at night!

Good luck and love the blogging :)


Just in writing this post, it shows how far you have come. As a person who has struggled with depression {and an eating disorder that almost took my life} for years, I know that the VERY FIRST step towards recovery, towards getting better, is recognizing that something is wrong, that you have a problem.
I'm so glad you're getting help and seeing a therapist. I saw a therapist once a week for so long that I couldn't imagine life without her in it. I'm a firm believer that EVERYONE can benefit from being able to talk to an unbiased professional.
You're a strong woman, and a wonderful mother. No, you're not perfect. Nobody is. And like you said, tons of women struggle with postpartum depression- that we know about- and just think about all those who probably aren't ever diagnosed.
I know you can get through this!
Stay strong!


I agree with all the responses you have received here: You are such a strong, brave, and wonderful person.

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sara without an h
sara without an h