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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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What a sweet post. She has such pretty eyes (and outfits, as usual!). I always think babies start to be more interactive and fun at 3+ months. :)
So do you think you guys will look for a bigger apartment, or are you pretty comfortable where you are now?


Thanks, Jess! We're going to stay put for now. We're moving to Texas in the early summer (probably June) anyway. We're going to look into renting a 2 bedroom bungalow house down there.

I wouldn't say we're comfortable here, but to move now would be silly. WE can stick it out for 8 more months!


Wow she really is a whole lot of cute.

That waterslide looks like the best fun ever! I bet if Sylvie knew what it was she wouldn't be able to wait till she is big enough to play.

Good on you for taking one for the team and letting your little one have the nice room. Does she get disturbed if you are in the same place?


Call me crazy, but I actually kind of like our new sleeping arrangements. She doesn't get disturbed by being in the same place as us, but she does like a quiet, dark room. Once she finally goes down for a nap, she can do it pretty much anywhere from the car to our bed. There's no way she would go down for the night, though, with us in the room.

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sara without an h
sara without an h