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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! Sylvie is, too (she just doesn't know it yet).


Thanks, Dana. I LOVED the pics of Aydan in the pumpkin patch. So sweet. We're heading to one this week, too!

I feel bad snapping a picture when she cries, but those faces are so cute. I want to remember the sad faces, too!


Ha, ha! Yes, we had that problem too. Glad you were able to find another kind she will take!


I've mised you! Welcome back. I love the "I'm about to cry" picture (2nd one)...I think babies make the cutest faces when they are crying.

she is just adorable! Thanks for posting all these pictures


We did away with the Wubbanubb for now. She couldn't keep it in her mouth for more than two seconds and I just about went crazy! She holds onto the regular pacis (she loves MAMs) much better! She likes them better, too!


I'm gonna see you (and sylvie and travis) so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SO cute! Looks like fun! Saw the cute little hoodie Memaw sent. Where did the Wubbanub disappear to? :) So, I know you say she looks like Travis, but I do see you in her too!


It's so nice that you have family close by to offer their support. Good to hear that you're all feeling rested :)


Hey, welcome back :) No worries- really. I just figured you were busy being a new momma- add to that the gallbladder issues and I would've disappeared, too. I hope you're feeling better now! Have they thought about just removing your gallbladder?
Looks like Sylvie had a good week. Can't believe she's already TEN WEEKS old. Holy moly. Seems like just yesterday I found your blog when you were still pregnant and hardly even showing!
I agree- TBB (is) just a popularity contest. But, there are some things to be gained from it- friends, advice, and (in my case) raising awareness for my son's condition. Sooo... I don't ever plan on being super high on the list, but I do like being part of it. I voted for you!


You seriously have the cutest little bobkin with the cutest little outfits ever.

Don't worry about no blogging for a week. Your little girl and your health is much more important. Glad to hear you have such lovely in-laws.


Thanks, Jess. How is little Elliot doing? Will he be able to stay put a little longer? You both are in my thoughts.

They have thought about removing my gallbladder, but I don't have health insurance at the moment. It was one of the consequences of becoming a stay at home mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Luckily Sylvie has insurance and my pregnancy was covered. Those are the most important things!


Thanks! She is pretty darn cute.

Seriously, my in-laws are the greatest. I had such a fun, relaxing time at their place this week.


awww, Sara, she's so incredibly cute! can't believe we have been mommies for this long now!
by the way, I'm so thrilled to see Sylvie in the cutest pjs ever - blue and orange dino from target!!! Oh that thing is amazing, I got one for my sis-in-laws baby!

Baby Care Expert

You have such a cute child! While your blogging absence was noted, I think I speak for us all when I say we're happy to have you back!


She is incredibly sweet cute. Those first two pictures had me "aww"-ing. What is it about a sad little lower baby lip that makes me make the same face? She's adorable.


Hey Sara,
Can they do your removal laproscopically (spelling?) Mine billed my insurance about 12,000 before adjustments, for the day surgery....several trips to the hospital could easily equal that I would think...might be cheaper in the long run to get it taken out?


Thanks, Lindsey!


I think it will be cheaper to wait it out. We can't afford that kind of money. I have painkillers I can take at home.


Oh wow, so precious! And the pics of your pup are darling :) 3


Thank you! Your pup looks like such a sweetie. My husband and I can't wait to get a second dog in another year or two.


Such precious pictures she is so cute! And how awesome that she will hold her finger in 4th pic.It has some amazing applications for babies

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sara without an h
sara without an h