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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Sylvie is so beautiful! Please give her a big kiss from all of us and tell her that we can't wait to meet her.

Nancy Resnick (PA)

Sylvie is adorable. She looks like she has long fingers and a great head of hair. Lots of happiness and good health to all of you. Will she be traveling to PA anytime soon ?


Sylvie is so adorable! I know that you are enjoying her so much! Congrats again


Wow, she is really really pretty. I seriously not just saying that either, she's a gorgeous newborn. She is the perfect combination of you and T too, I love it!


Such a beautiful girl! Love her dark hair! We have the same Boppy. I love it when they fall asleep on it after nursing. :)

Can't wait to hear you whole birth story when you're up to it! (Reminds me of my first LD.)



She is incredible!! I can see both of you in her face.
I am just amazed at her.
Wow. I can not can not can not wait to meet her.
All my love to you, Travis, and baby Sylvie.

Emily (and Kevin too!)


Wow. Just beautiful. Love the hair. And we have the same boppy, too!
Way to go!


So beautiful. Congratulations to you happy for your little family!


We will be in PA sometime end of October/beginning of November.


I'm still working on the birth story. I would like to have it up soon, while it's still fresh in my mind.


Thanks, Em! I hope the three of us get to see you (and Kevin) soon!


This is a popular Boppy (Boppular?)!


Thank you!


I will!


Thanks, Dana.


Aw thanks, Allie. We think she's pretty perfect.


Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! She is such a sweetie. And look at all of that hair. I still sit and stare at my daughter, 16 months later.
Our daughter had a full head of hair when she was born. When she was around 2 months old she started losing some of it and she had a mohawk. :D


She is absolutely adorable!!

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sara without an h
sara without an h