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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Each day is so wonderful and full of surprises. I miss her so much! And you two, of course.


Love the pics! Of course she's so cute; good looks run in our family! All of Krauser grandkids are absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I can't wait til we can get some pics of all of the kids together. Keep on keeping on, sis, and I'll talk to you soon. Love to Travis and Sylvie!


so precious!!


what a darling, little baby. she is absolutely adorable.


Wow she is really so beautiful!
She looks so alert and look at those huge eyes!!


thank you so much!

Mom H.

What a sweetheart! Poppy and I miss her already. Enjoy each day!

Melissa Krauser

She is such a muffin! Tessa already has big plans for Christmas!

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sara without an h
sara without an h