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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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so sweet.

9 months was one of my hardest days with natalie--something about her being out of my belly for as long as she had lived in it.

happy mother's day to you on this 9-month birthday :)

sara without an h

Thank you, Hilary. This birthday is a little hard for me. She just seems so old now. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!


Squee!! She is such a beautiful little girl and I just love her facial expressions. Adorable dress. :)

sara without an h

Thanks, Elle! I knew I had to choose the apple dress after the picture you shared of the hummingbird. So cute!

Emily O.



NINE MONTHS?! Oh my. Happy month-birthday, sweet girl. I love her apple dress!

Baby Favors

She is so cute baby! God Bless her

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sara without an h
sara without an h