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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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awww....i remember all these pictures. i was especially envious of your hair in the first photo. you look great with short hair, and it's not something i can pull off. :)


Truly amazing. It's amazed me every time. And that's amazing too.


It's baffling that the smell of your baby's hair can feed the soul in the way that it does.. I couldn't imagine that when I was pregnant.

sara without an h

Deanna-Thanks so much! Short hair was a lifesaver at 8 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record!

Alisha-All of it is amazing.

Lindsey-I couldn't either, but you are so right.

Emily O.

I really love this post.

Michelle J

Great post :)

I look at my baby sometimes and it doesn't seem like she is the baby that was inside me? The little kicking bean. I miss that baby... the unknown feeling of it. Does that make sense?

Love the pictures.

sara without an h

Michelle-That completely makes sense. The unknown of it was both scary and exciting, like a natural 9 month high. I miss that feeling, too. Though, there is still so much I can't know about her until she's older!

Emily-Thanks! I had a wonderful time catching up with you yesterday!


I seriously think about this all the time! Isn't it amazing to think that we once carried these miraculous little people INSIDE of us? It blows my mind.

sara without an h

It blows my mind, too. In the best possible way.

Hillary Brooke

Aawww, this is how I remember you best, all cute & preggers. You took the sweetest photos along your journey!


ps: i finally figured out how to put a button grabber link our la blog if you'd like one! :)

sara without an h

Aw thanks, Hilary! I'm going to head over and grab your button now! <3

allie (and HENRY!!)

this is when i first met you! awww, we've been friends for so long!

sara without an h

We have been friends for a long time. You were the first blogger I met that I grew to consider a friend. <3

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sara without an h
sara without an h