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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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TRAVIS IS AWESOME!!! Not surprised he passed with the highest grade on the exam. Exam is done,and the show is ready: now you guys can really plan the next step. The countdown to Texas continues...
I, also, cannot wait to spend some time with you and Sylvie.


Wow! Congrats to Travis! That is wonderful! Y'all have a great weekend!

sara without an h

Mama-We can't wait to see you on Friday!

Alisha-thanks! We will!


Great Job Travis!!!!


Wow! Congratulations to Travis for all his hard work! And to you for being such a supportive wife! It sounds like things are really moving forward- very exciting!!!!
So, as a sommelier, what is his next step to reach the "master" level- more tests and education, apprenticeship, or other experience? That is SUCH a cool field to go into. On an other note- i am now nervous about my wine choices for the wedding, now that I know a pro will be there! (assuming you three can make it- I truly truly hope).

Rest well- so glad to know your mom will be helping out! Take care. <3


awww....congrats to your hubby!

i miss being around painters. Used to work in a gallery in college and loved it. loved the shows. loved the company. and your awkward lady parts story reminded me of this: i posed nude in college for awhile...that is until my boyfriend at the time, his best friend strolled into one of the classes i was posing for. talk about weird. posing nude for a semester in front of my BF's bestie was so awkward OMG. lol....awwww what we do for art ;-)


Congratulations Travis!!!!!!


Congrats to Travis. Though I am going to embarrassingly admit that I don't know what that isk, so I am now going to look it up. Thanks for provoking some learning. I love learning about new things! It's just my inner-nerd!

sara without an h

Thank you, everyone, for the comments and congratulations! <3
I apologize for getting behind on responding to comments. I'm still recovering at my in-laws' and am very much off of my normal routine. I promise I'll gain some promptness back after the chaos of the coming weekend!

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sara without an h
sara without an h