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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Even the clothes are yours!

sara without an h

Yep! Pretty amazing, huh?


that is too cute


HAH! That is AAAMAzing.


I havent checked your blog in a few days. I hope you surgery went a-ok. This recreation is so cute. I have to go for a colonscopy on Friday, i hope there isnt any recreations of that!! ehhh...

sara without an h

Dana-I know! It had me feeling instantly better.

Lindsey-I know, right?

Jen-You're comment got me laughing so hard! Thanks for making me feel better!


Hope you're recovering nicely. Don't forget to deep breathe and cough (hey, I'm a respiratory therapist and am practically bound bt law to say that, I think!)
Very cute re-creation. So much better than a "Get Well" card!

sara without an h

Andrea-Sorry it took me a while to respond to your comment! Thank you for the respiratory advice. :) It was the best get well card ever. I saw it the night I got home from the hospital, and i instantly felt better.


This is awesome! I'm glad everything went well!

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sara without an h
sara without an h