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sara without an h
sara without an h
sara without an h
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Hahaha.."I couldn't see my balls." I seriously just died laughing.
Good luck with the surgery. I look forward to hearing what you're going to say this time around.


hah! the balls thing made me snort.

my parents took my older brother and i to have our wisdom teeth removed at the same time. my brother was tripping out on the car ride home, insisting that he could fly and asking to go to the mall.

i just puked everywhere. go me.


Those are some awesome post surgical antics!

Good luck/well wishes/speedy recoveries for your surgery!


"I couldn't feel my balls." Now that's classic. :) I'm so glad you're *finally* getting this surgery. My antics are usually before surgery. Whatever it is that I'm given to relax my nerves makes me feel drunk.

When I had sinus sugery last month I was terrified that I wouldn't wake up from the anesthesia thereby leaving my daughter without a mom and while I was in pre-op I had a massive panic attack. I was crying like a baby and all snotty. The nurse got my doctor to talk with me and he was so nice about it. He promptly got the anesthesiologist who gave me something VERY relaxing. I was so embarrassed whenever I saw my ENT doctor for my post-op appointments because of my meltdown.

Another time I said something to the anesthesiologist but it was one of those things where I can't be certain since I was loopy. I know I was thinking it but there's a 50% chance I told him I love him and want to have his baby.

And another time right after an anesthesiologist (I guess I have a thing for them) injected me with meds and started wheeling me to the OR, he asked me to tell him my dream destination. I was telling him how much I want to go to Ireland and as the drugs were kicking in, I told him we should run away to Ireland together.

Then leprechauns became involved in the rendezvous and after that I kept on saying leprechauns over and over again and was laughing hysterically b/c at the time I thought it was the funniest word ever.

I try to feel better by knowing they see and hear a lot of crazy things but I can't help but think I'm up their on that doctor's "craziest" list.

sara without an h

Elle-Those are all amazing stories! Leprechauns. Ha!


The only time I was "put under" was for my wisdom teeth. I have a feeling I said some funny things but I have no recollection of them! All I remember is that as soon as I woke up, I tried to stand up, and they wouldn't let me. And in a stupor I said- "Oh, I'm fine!" and stood up and then proceeded to fall over haha.

I know you will do great with the surgery!

Bianca Jackson

Well, I hope your surgery was a success. The sedation does make one feel loopy at times, and awkward things can be said. In the end, like the wisdom teeth and other surgeries, it's best to just get it over with.

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sara without an h
sara without an h