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It always seems like it takes forever for teeth to come through. Baby will drool and drool and finally the teeth come in! I think Evangeline was getting all four molars + all 4 incisors during Christmas when y'all were here. I could see the tiny holes where they had just poked through. They are just now in far enough to see the very tip tops of them.

Hope Sylvie enjoys her teething biscuits!


Poor little E! That's so many teeth all at once!


Can't wait to hear how she likes the biscuits. I might have to try that for Olive. We have quite the arsenal of toys as well but I have no idea if anything actually works. Teething is so brutal.....


I'm curious about how she'll do with the biscuits as well. I'll report back! Teething is such a bummer!

Little BGCG

I'm making this right now! Such a good idea! Mason is getting four teeth in on the top and I know he'll love this! If they turn out good I'm going to bake a bunch for his birthday party this weekend and give them in a favor bag!


I remember when my daughter was in the early stages of teething, she would drool buckets. We would have to keep a bib on her and she would soak it within 15 minutes and she would chew on everything she could get her hands on. Basically she was like a puppy. ;)

I thought it was so cruel how long it would take for her teeth to cut through. Poor little Sylvie. I can't wait to hear how she likes those adorable teething biscuits. I'll have to save the recipe in case we have another little one.


Sylvie is a drool factory. Most of the time we just ignore it. We bib her if she's wearing a particularly cute outfit. She's been actively teething for over a month and there's still no sign of anything poking through. Ugh! Come on, teefers!


That's a great idea! Sylvie seemed to like them, though she doesn't like to hold the same thing for very long. She's always moving onto something else!


Awe Sylvie! I hope the teething isn't too bothersome. I am so glad that she loves the wood teether! I've heard that frozen bananas work as well- and there is always whiskey! Haha- that is what my parents used and I blame them for my love of whiskey today.

I think it is so neat that you are making those teething biscuits- I also think that it is so very wonderful that you are introducing different tastes this early. You and Travis are just the coolest.

Helen@Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Teething biscuits sound like a great idea. I'm surprised that I have never heard of them until now!

Glenn Koehm

Watching them grow is a bit heartbreaking. It feels like you want to stop time and keep them young and all. But each year does have its happy and painful moments, and teething is one of the painful ones!

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sara without an h
sara without an h